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Mission Statement:

This website is dedicated to the defense of the orthodox Catholic faith as well as a promotion of serious academic thought in the areas of Catholic theology and philosophy. One of the tragedies of modern Catholic thought is that it lacks the depth given by previous generations of the same issues. It is for this reason that this website was started, i.e. to aid the Church in recapturing the intellectual rigor it once had. The heresy of modernism has begun affecting the members of the Church by making them content with a superficial approach to and an explanation of their religion. One of the ways to combat this problem in the Church is to promote studies that draw the students into the depth and richness which Catholic thought can provide. However, none of that is possible without a deep sense of our indebtedness to tradition as well as a strong developed sense of the value of those traditions.

Distribution and Copying of Materials

You are invited to view and download anything here. All of the texts on this web site are offered at no cost to the reader, however we hope you will support Sensus Traditionis. The reader is free to make and distribute copies of texts on this website provided the following conditions are observed:
1. That the entire text as downloaded is included in the copy unless quoting according to proper academic and printing standards; this includes not only the text, but the copyright information contained at the end of each text;
2. That the copies are not sold or that the one making copies is not financially benefitting from making the copies;
3. That any re-printing of a full text or part of a text in another publication, other than those which include standard quoting, that the permission of the author is obtained.

Support of Sensus Traditionis

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This website and materials contained therein it are provided for the sake of the Catholic Faith of those who read it. By downloading and reading the texts on this website, the reader is not bound by any moral obligation for remitting any funds to the author. However, by making a donation, you will aid in publishing other works in the future and maintaining the web site.

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